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Our clinic specializes in restoring your health and your appearance with non-surgical pain relief and anti-aging treatments, so you can live a healthier, happier more productive life!

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On the second Tuesday of every month we host Kid’s Day at our clinic. All kids, ages high school and under, pay only $20 for their adjustments. If they need an exam it is only $25.00
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As a fully integrated multidisciplinary clinic, our medical professionals have chosen the most effective, non-surgical pain relief treatments, regenerative medicine, facial aesthetics and IV therapies, and have brought them together all under one roof to bring you better health and a better way of life!

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, have a degenerative condition or just want to look and feel a whole lot better, we can help.

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  • Michelle M.

    "Washington Care Clinic is amazing! My father walked in on Monday in so much pain he didn’t know which way to turn, and they took him in right away with no appointment. He then went back on Tuesday and Wednesday he hasn’t had to take a pain pill in two days!! My father is honesty excited to go back on Friday to see them again, and get his life back to normal!! His regular Doctors just wanted to keep giving him more pain pills because of his age, and he was getting worse! Thank you over, and over!! "

  • Jamie S.

    "I am 24 years old and have had chronic migraine headaches my whole life. I'd tried all the medication for pain with no relief. With chiropractic care I have gone months without a migraine. Chiropractic care has changed my life. I'm starting over and am able to live life now. Thanks Washington Care Clinic for allowing me to push the "restart button" on life! "

  • Brett W.

    "I have a very active lifestyle and things get out of wack occasionally. Lower back was the problem for months before I came into their offices. Very personal and professional one on one work with Dr. Brett. The staff is fantastic. Great culture from the top down. Highly recommend Washington Care Clinic to anyone who wants start feeling better day one "

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Helping Families and Individuals Live Healthy, Active, Drug-Free Lives!
Chiropractic Care Treatment Washington

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care offers a safe and gentle treatment option by manipulating and correcting alignment in the musculoskeletal system especially the spine or in joints which may have been misaligned due to an injury or chronic degeneration. Through active and passive techniques, our chiropractors will manipulate targeted areas of your body in order to reduce the stress that is causing you pain.

Some of the issues that respond well to chiropractic treatments include:

In addition to pain relief, people that receive regular chiropractor care at our health care clinic experience improved joint mobility, better range of motion, improved sleep, greater productivity at work and a better overall quality of life. Call us today at (636) 239-5252 to schedule an appointment and let’s get you back to feeling great again.

Regenerative Medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs. As a recognized authority in regenerative medicine, our health care clinic proudly offers two of the most advanced treatments available today; Cell Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma.

These cutting-edge treatments can help regenerate cartilage, tissue, bone and cells offering long-term relief from knee pain, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, as well as tendon and ligament damage.

Regenerative medicine is completely safe, minimally invasive and requires little to no down time with zero adverse reactions. If you suffer from chronic pain or have a degenerative condition and have tried a variety of other treatments with no results, call us at (636) 239-5252 to schedule a consultation to find out if you might be a candidate.

Aesthetics Quality of Life Improvements Washington

Aesthetics & Quality of Life Improvements

If you are experience different challenges, struggles, and health issues as you get older, we can help. The health and wellness specialists at our clinic are known for helping people look and feel their very best.

We provide a wide range of treatment options that not only provide you with a refreshed appearance that makes you feel more youthful inside and out, but to also help you regain your confidence and achieve your wellness goals.

Just because the calendar has turned another year doesn’t mean you have to look or feel older. Look and feel younger with our safe, highly effective, facial aesthetics and anti-aging treatments.

Call us today at (636) 239-5252 to schedule a consultation and lets get you back to living a happier, healthier life.

Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

Cranial Facial Release (CFR) is an advanced endo-nasal “Balloon Assisted” cranial adjusting technique that has been used quite successfully in the treatment of various neurological and structural disorders. The objective of CFR is to unlock cranial fixations and induce mobility in the cranial system.

The majority of people who come in for CFR treatment are often last resort patients who have been through the gamut of conventional medical procedures without success, and are looking for a more conservative alternative approach to care that is cost effective and works!

CFR has been used successfully in the treatment of:

  • Breathing Disorders
  • Sinusitis
  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Deviated Septum's
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Facial Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia)
  • Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)
  • Seizures
  • Neurological Disorders
  • and More

The CFR technique is performed by inserting tiny balloons in the nose (specifically the naso pharynx) that are quickly inflated to mobilize the bones of the face and cranium. It is a very fast procedure and feels similar to the sensation of jumping into a swimming pool and having water shoot up your nose. The whole process takes about 2 to 3 seconds, and is performed in a series of 4 individual days of treatment over a 7-10 day period.