Sports Injury

"I began chiropractic care due to a sports injury. I dance, participate in gymnastics, and play volleyball. Dr. Brett taught me how to properly stretch without stretching too far. I can now fully participate in my sports and my flexibility has increased!" - Meghan M. 

Neck Pain

"I began chiropractic care due to upper neck pain and shoulder pain. I also suffered from sinus issues and congestion.  I had limited motion in my neck and my shoulders were stiff. Now with chiropractic care I can move my neck and my shoulders freely.  Dr. Brett even adjusted my sinus' which relieved the congestion. Mehringer Chiropractic is a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The visits are quick and you never have to wait." - Lori S.

Low Back Pain

"I had tried every over-the -counter pain medication.  They helped the pain but when the medication wore off the pain returned.  After receiving chiropractic care I feel AMAZING! I totally believe in Mehringer Chiropractic!" - Rich P.

Knee Pain

"I had left knee pain and swelling.  My knee was weak and I suffered from overall fatigue. My activities were limited. My medical doctor had prescribed physical therapy.  I also took Ibuprofen to help the pain, which helped temporarily. However, my knee pain and discomfort would return and again limit my activity. My husband suggested I see Dr. Mehringer. Now after receiving chiropractic my knee is free of pain and stronger. I'm enjoying biking and walking. Overall I have more energy and am feeling well.  Thank you Mehringer Chiropractic!" - Ursula C.

Migraine Headaches

"I am 24 years old and have had chronic migraine headaches my whole life.  I'd tried all the medication for pain with no relief. With chiropractic care I have gone months without a migraine. Chiropractic care has changed my life. I'm starting over and am able to live life now.  Thanks Mehringer Chiropractic for allowing me to push the "restart button" on life!" - Jamie S. 

Menstrual Pain

"As a teenager I would have to take a muscle relaxer to sleep through the worst of my cramps. I often would miss school and work because of the pain. As an adult I would take 4 Aleve a day during my period. Dr. Brett treated me and now I don't miss work. I never dreamed I could feel this good during that time of the month!" Sue A.

Vision Disorder

Duane Syndrome

Payton, at four years old, was diagnosed at birth with Duane Syndrome. This vision disorder did not allow her to look to her left with her left eye.  Payton's parents brought her to a free Scoliosis Screening at Mehringer Chiropratic and shared her story with Dr. Brett Mehringer. After examination, Dr. Brett found an abnormal bump on the back of her head.  Dr. Mehringer performed a chiropractic adjustment and then asked her to look to the left.  Payton was able to look left for the first time in her life. Her parents were amazed. Her mother cried out, "Oh my God, she's looking left" and started to cry. There was not a dry eye in the entire office. The chiropractic care relieved nerve pressure which in turn release the restriction of Payton's eye. "I am more emotional and thankful than I can say. I will never be able to thank Dr. Mehringer enough."