• A thorough examination, including orthopedic and neurological tests and X-rays if necessary
  • A confidential consultation and full report of our findings
  • A detailed explanation of our treatment procedure when we can help
  • A referral to the proper specialist if we determine we cannot help

I had left knee pain and swelling. My knee was weak and I suffered from overall fatigue. My activities were limited. My medical doctor had prescribed physical therapy. I also took Ibuprofen to help the pain, which helped temporarily. However, my knee pain and discomfort would return and again limit my activity. My husband suggested I see Dr. Mehringer. Now after receiving chiropractic my knee is free of pain and stronger. I'm enjoying biking and walking. Overall I have more energy and am feeling well. Thank you Mehringer Chiropractic!

- Ursula C

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I’m a dance teacher. I suffer from chronic TMJ (Temporomandibular joint). This year the TMJ disorder became more intense than ever. I called Mehringer Chiropractic for help. After a consultation and exam with x-rays, Dr. Brett began to work with me. He was honest with me and what he could do to help. My TMJ is much better. My headaches have decreased. All the people at the office are so kind. He has helped me reach my highest level of health and vitality.  

- Sara B

I have tried other chiropractic offices and non have been as caring or helpful as Mehringer Chiropractic. This is the only place I trust and will go to help me with lower back pain and sciatica pain. I’m better! I can take long walks, and sit through an entire movie in comfort. I am able to move more freely and with minimal pain and discomfort. Dr. Brett is amazing, as well as, the rest of the staff. Everyone is caring and helpful.   

- William W